Our Premium Quality  firewood, wood pellets, Copy Papers Are The Very Best &

Delivered Direct To Your Door

We are one of the leading firewood, wood pellets and copy paper suppliers, known for offering finest quality papers which are processed as per the latest industry standards. We exports and distributes firewood, wood pellets, a4 copy laser paper, a4 size copier paper and a4 plain paper etc to various industries which are in need of it. We started our journey way back in the year 2008 and continue serving the industry with complete dedication.

In a very short period of time, our company managed to create a niche for it in the industry as firewood, wood pellets and copy paper suppliers. Our sole mission is to provide wide range of  products of high quality at best prices. Our firewood, wood pellets and double A copy paper, are popular both for personal and commercial use and annually we are getting huge volume of orders worldwide.

Why Choose Us

Over the last decade our experience and professionalism from working on a global scale with clients of all sizes from international distributors to local whole sellers has left us with unmatched experience in dealing with every situation.

  • Expert & Professional
  • Professional Approach
  • Reliable Consistent Supply
  • Dedicated Quality Controllers
  • Quick In Response
  • Correct Product Tests & Certification

100% All-Natural Premium Grade heating and BBQ Pellets

High BTU for a slow, intense burn

Locally Sourced, Real Hardwoods and Ingredients

Sustainable heat for your home and business

Wood pellets


 Lider LLC is one of the Ukraine leading suppliers of wood pellets, delivering to a broad cross section of domestic and commercial users  around the world.

Energy Guarantee


Our focus on quality allows us to offer you our Energy Guarantee*. For every tonne of pellets, we deliver to your door, you can be confident that you will benefit from at least 4,800KWh.