Measures outside: 1.2 m * 0.8 m * 2.0 m.
Split length:  15-25 cm
width of the split:  8-16cm
firewood size:  33 cm to 50 cm;
Fire wood diameter  7 – 19 cm; 
Moisture <20%
Humidity:  8-12%
pallet: 2cbm = 1 TON
28 pallets: 40FT container
MATERIAL:  Oak/Ash/Beech/hornbeam/Alder/Birch/Pine/spruce etc


We are offering kiln dried firewood packed in pallets. We may be included upon request.
Carton box contains 7, 5kg + / -10% of firewood. That is normaly about 10 logs of wood. We offer
ash, birch or alder wood. It is ideal product for supermarkets, restaurans or small shops. Carton box
prevents from rubish, small peaces of bark and wood.

Best quality kiln dried Oak, Ash, Beech, Hornbeam, Acacia, Cherry, Alder, Olive firewood packed in 1m3, 1.27m3, 1.5m3, 1.8m3, 1.9m3, 2m3, 2.5m3 crates. 
We can offer a special deal if you take in larger quantities.

We are producers of the best quality kiln dry Oak, Ash, Beech, Hornbeam, Acacia, Cherry, Alder, Olive firewood.

We can offer kiln dried and fresh firewood.

Do not hesitate and ask for your price and specification.